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Online Machine Learning: how to integrate user feedback

When designing and implementing a machine learning model, ensuring it is continually updated is a challenge that all engineers encounter.  In this article, I explore the online machine learning technique that I used during a project and present how it was implemented for effective results. Choosing a machine learning method Machine learning solutions can be mainly split into offline and online methods. Online machine learning is a method in which data becomes available in a sequential order and is used to update the best predictor for future data at each step, as opposed to batch learning techniques which generate the best predictor by learning on the entire training data set at once.  From this concept, the core components are the data in a sequential order and updating at each step. Online machine learning is necessary is based on the following reasons: Detection models...

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PowerShell Jobs

JUMPSEC investigators recently observed an adversary weaponising PowerShell Jobs to schedule their attack whilst responding to an incident. We discuss what PowerShell Jobs are, how they can be leveraged for malicious purposes, and how defenders can protect, detect, and respond to neutralise the threat.

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Car Hacking – Manual Bypass of Modern Rolling Code Implementations

Introduction I recently researched modern algorithms used by keyfobs to open cars. Since most of the blogs online talking about the topic are unfortunately quite old and in general and do not precisely describe the exact path followed in detail, nor the code used. I thought that talking about my experience could be interesting and inspiring for other researchers. I won’t go in depth on certain...

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By Dray Agha The infosec community has been busy dissecting the PrintNightmare exploit. There are now variations of the exploit that can have various impacts on a target machine. When we at JUMPSEC saw that Lares had captured some network traffic of the PrintNightmare exploit in action, I wondered if there was an opportunity to gather network-level IoCs...

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Securing against new offensive techniques abusing active directory certificate service

SpecterOps recently released an offensive security research paper that details techniques enabling an adversary to abuse insecure functionality in Active Directory Certificate Service. SpecterOps reports that abusing the legitimate functionality of Active Directory Certificate Service will allow an adversary to forge the elements of a certificate to authenticate as any user or administrator in...

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GitHub Activity



Advisory CVE-2022-37832 - Mutiny Network Monitoring Appliance hardcoded credentials.
Full information here: ➡️ https://t.co/jhp1fHIrR8
#vulnerability #cve #networkmonitoring @Mutiny https://t.co/MKbl9mQTdx
Read our latest blog - Implementation and Dynamic Generation for Tasks in Apache Airflow tackling a number of challenges discovered along the way. And the solutions...
Read here: https://t.co/YPEYUO8U6c

#machinelearning #cybernews #labs #apache #apacheairflow https://t.co/kFYyHKX4iU
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Jordan discusses how Red Teamers can abuse SharedUserData attributes to evade behavioural analysis based detection for most Anti-virus and EDR solutions.
Read here ➡️ https://t.co/O9gafp9AOA
#Offsec #Exploits #DefenceEvasion @0xLegacyy @JUMPSEC https://t.co/E5JUu8NHth
Part2 ManageEngine Desktop Central Application (MEDC). @tde_sec explores ways of exploiting the vulnerabilities identified. Read here ➡️ https://t.co/cvOK0dY4QU

#cybersecurity #vulnerabilities #SQL
@manageengine #cybernews https://t.co/wwv6HS8WPJ


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