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Win a place @HackFu 2021 Community Edition!

Hello world!At JUMPSEC we’ve managed to get our hands on tickets to what is probably the greatest cyber security event in the calendar, HackFu!In order to be in with a chance of winning you simply need to complete the following challenge which you can download here (the download contains all the information needed to complete the challenge): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WFU23lFzGtxW4U5_FPzlbM4auHSZTiGt/view?usp=sharing The deadline for submissions is 6th January 2021, we will announce the...

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Ghost In The Shellcode 2015 CTF: Write-up for cloudfs challenge

Hello there, in this post I will describe how I solved the cloudfs challenge of Ghost In The Shellcode 2015. This challenge was under the Forensics category and was awarded 200 points (middle ground!). It wasn't so hard, and someone could argue that shouldn't award the same points with "the alpha molecular" or the similars from the crypto category but it's okay (it's very common actually in every CTF to argue about points etc..). The point of that challenge was that it was using ICMP (so there...

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