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QUEST KACE Desktop Authority Pre-Auth Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-44031)

Software: QUEST KACE Desktop AuthorityAffected Versions: 11.1 and earlier. Vendor page: https://www.quest.com/products/kace-desktop-authority/CVE Reference: CVE-2021-44031Published: 19/11/2021CVSS 3.1 Score: 9.8 CriticalAttack Vector: Pre-authenticated Remote Code ExecutionCredits: Tom Ellson JUMPSEC recently discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Quest KACE Desktop Authority 11.1. This is an endpoint management system that is used widely across the globe and is prevalent within a wide range of organisations. A pre-auth remote code execution on the KACE Desktop Authority platform exists in which successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities would allow an adversary to achieve remote code execution without first needing to authenticate to the service. https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-44031...

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(ZOHO) ManageEngine Desktop Central – SQL Injection / Arbitrary File Write

Software: Zoho ManageEngine Desktop CentralAffected Versions: Before 10.0.662Vendor page: https://www.manageengine.com/products/desktop-central/vulnerabilities-in-reports-module.htmlCVE Reference: CVE-2021-46164Published: 09/01/2022CVSS 3.1 Score: 8.8 HighAttack Vector: SQL Injection / Arbitrary File WriteCredits: Tom Ellson This is the first post in a two part series on Manage Engine Desktop...

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Advisory CVE-2021-41551 Leostream Connection Broker – Authenticated Zip Slip

Software: Leostream Connection BrokerAffected Versions: page: https://leostream.com/CVE Reference: CVE-2021-41551Published: 25/01/2022Attack Vector: path traversal, authenticatedCredits: Andrei Constantin Scutariu, Lenk Ratchakrit Seriamnuai, Andrea Malusardi Summary Leostream Connection Broker allows administrators to conduct directory traversal attacks by uploading a...

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Advisory CVE-2021-41550 Leostream Connection Broker – Authenticated Remote Code Execution

Software: Leostream Connection BrokerAffected Versions: page: https://leostream.com/CVE Reference: CVE-2021-41550Published: 25/01/2022Attack Vector: Remote, authenticatedCredits: Andrei Constantin Scutariu, Lenk Ratchakrit Seriamnuai, Andrea Malusardi Summary As the Leostream Connection Broker version: allowed an attacker to upload any content through Third Party...

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PowerShell Jobs

JUMPSEC investigators recently observed an adversary weaponising PowerShell Jobs to schedule their attack whilst responding to an incident. We discuss what PowerShell Jobs are, how they can be leveraged for malicious purposes, and how defenders can protect, detect, and respond to neutralise the threat.

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GitHub Activity



Jordan discusses how Red Teamers can abuse SharedUserData attributes to evade behavioural analysis based detection for most Anti-virus and EDR solutions.
Read here ➡️ https://t.co/O9gafp9AOA
#Offsec #Exploits #DefenceEvasion @0xLegacyy @JUMPSEC https://t.co/E5JUu8NHth
Part2 ManageEngine Desktop Central Application (MEDC). @tde_sec explores ways of exploiting the vulnerabilities identified. Read here ➡️ https://t.co/cvOK0dY4QU

#cybersecurity #vulnerabilities #SQL
@manageengine #cybernews https://t.co/wwv6HS8WPJ
First in a 2-part series on ManageEngine Desktop Central, written by @tde_sec ➡️discovered multiple vulnerabilities enabling SQL Injection ➡️ https://t.co/WzW560e8Ji

#cybersecurity #vulnerabilities #SQL @manageengine https://t.co/BuTBM1DKgP


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