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Car Hacking – Manual Bypass of Modern Rolling Code Implementations

Introduction I recently researched modern algorithms used by keyfobs to open cars. Since most of the blogs online talking about the topic are unfortunately quite old and in general and do not precisely describe the exact path followed in detail, nor the code used. I thought that talking about my experience could be interesting and inspiring for other researchers. I won’t go in depth on certain topics and I will assume that the reader has a general background in basic signals theory and is...

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LAYER 8 – Patching the un-patchable….

Computer systems and software have been continually evolving year upon year.  Faster processing and data transfer coupled with more accessible storage have made crunching vast amounts of data possible in mere nanoseconds. Computer security and controls have improved as well, we now have intelligent firewalls, web proxies, file integrity monitoring, DLP, IAM and all sorts of amazing new technologies and emerging acronyms to help busy IT departments maintain the confidentiality, integrity...

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